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Boy Throwing Basketball

All About Clubstores is a progressive distribution and management services company. We focus on the supply of customised, personalised and generic sports and leisure goods. We sell directly to sports clubs, schools, colleges and corporates, as well as the general consumer market. The company has developed a unique technology-based sales and service strategy (business model) for our client partners that sets us apart from our competitors.

The key benefit for our partners is that we remove the difficulty in the ordering, tracking and reconciliation of products for the organisation and individuals whilst retaining their accounts in real-time with tasks appropriate to running a small business. We offer each partner client their own independent online shop to sell sports and leisure products with the option to generate income for their organisation. 

The company operates as a national distributor for two leading Italian brands in Lotto Sports Italia and Acerbis Italia. We also offer our own CS brand for “client design” manufactured and sublimated kits. The product categories supplied are,

  • Teamwear and Match Day Kit

  • Training kit

  • Leisure wear

  • Accessories

  • Training equipment

We are committed to servicing our clients through the very latest online and enterprise technologies. The company has invested heavily in leading edge enterprise technology to deliver this unique service.

We recognise the value that sports and leisure activities bring to local communities and the vital role each organisation plays in the wider development of people. We support the dedication and commitment of all those individuals that make so many sacrifices each week for their communities.

With many years’ experience in the sports club market the company is managed by a professional team that is proficient in the areas of sales, marketing, supply chain management, distribution, finance and technology. Our goal is to continually increase our support for our partners through improved quality of service based on latest technologies combined with an ever-expanding range of goods and services.

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